ATS-Formatted Resumes 2023 – Main Problems

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What do you know about applicant tracking systems? Seems like not so much. But when you are writing your resume 2023, some knowledge’s about how the system sort the candidates and how in general it works – could help you to land the job! It’s not about to hack the systems, it’s about how to let the hiring manager read your resume and invite you for an interview.

resume 2023 for ATS
How to write ATS optimized resume in 2023

We know that some really good candidates even were not considered by hiring managers, because of weird ATS systems. But still, there are some interesting facts on how you can increase your chances to be invited for an interview.

How you should format resume 2023 to get through ATS

Applicant tracking systems does not have ideal matching mechanism to sort the candidates better, than any recruiter could do that. Still, there are some interesting details, you should keep in your mind, if you decided to craft an ATS-optimized resume.

TIP 1. Remove any formats from .txt or .rtf document, when you’re crafting your resume. Some ATS systems has it’s internal settings, which does not allow to recognize rich formats. If you would use bullets, bold text, italic or underline – there are some chances that your resume would be shown only partially.

TIP 2. It’s better to use MS Word .doc or .docx formats. They are the best for ATS systems. Some candidates are using .pdf resumes. And they should not worry about if their resume would be considered.
Many job seekers are nervous about if they could use modern resume formatting, crafting their resumes 2023. They can, but they should understand that any applicant tracking system can guarantee a 100% recognition level. So, some details could be missed.

Take it easy, you’ll get your job in you would write it for human, not machine
Though it should be no cause for concern, and you should not at all be worried. You could ask why? Because it’s much harder to not go through the applicant tracking system, it’s hard to to сconvince HR to invite you for an interview. That’s why you should concentrate on content you include to your resume. The strongest it is, the more chances you’ve got to get this job.

Why ATS-optimized resumes 2023 does not work time to time

The main problem is – candidates are focusing on how 20-25% of hires in general are made on the labor market.
Most of the hires (75-80%) are made by hiring managers using their professional networks, LinkedIn and other channels they use to hunt candidates.

It’s a pity, but it is a real fact. Furthermore, they pay referral bonuses to those, who would help to hire a good candidate.

And only then, if they did not find the candidate, who would be the best for the vacant position, they initiate standard process of publishing job ad.

And it’s a time, when you start applying for this position and maybe they use such systems to track the candidates.

These job postings are clearly harder to fill since the hiring manager most likely already tapped their personal and professional networks to find potential candidates. They’re the tough-to-fill, everyone-and-their-mother-is-applying-for and depend-on-a-computer-to-filter-your-resume job postings.

So, stop writing resume for machines. It’s better to focus on writing a good resume for human.