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Writing a professional resume 2023, you need to understand that it’s going to be not an easy task. And it’s not only because it’s a high competition or some other factors. It’s because the resume writing process – is not as easy as you could expect. Even though – to write a professional resume would need you to bring much more efforts.

So, today we’re going to talk a little bit more about how to craft an outstanding professional resume 2023 and how to stand out from a crowd. Hiring managers don’t want to spend time, reading unstructured and unprofessional resumes. They want to see only strong candidates, who can bring value to the company they are going to join.

How Professional Resume 2023 Looks Like

Before we would share with you some information about how a professional resume looks like, we want to tell you a few words about how bad resume could be and why some hiring managers will move it to the trash pile.

We saw too many cases, when really interesting candidates lost all the good chances they have got, only because of the stupid mistakes. Mistakes were really different and really stupid. Some of them decided to pick too much creative resume template in case, when there is no need to use it. Some candidates were too lazy to check their resume for typos or grammar mistakes. Some candidates thought that ATS system is the decision maker – and it’s more than enough to spam their resume with all the keywords they used to know.

It’s all about why we are doing this job and why all the time we’re trying to improve not only the hiring process, but let an average job seeker to look a little bit deeper, what’s going on behind the curtain. Why some logical things are not work in their cases and why you need to spend a little bit more time on resume polishing process.

Easy to read and focused resume in 2023

All the hiring manager wish to see only the most relevant candidates. They are, but still, not all the candidates are the best and not all the candidates are bad to fit the desired position. In some cases – it’s better even not to see the candidate resume. But sometimes, you even can’t imagine what you will lose if will move to other candidate..

That’s why in most cases – hiring process is not an easy thing. And in most cases – your job in HR’s hands. So, now we will give you some advices on how to write a professional resume in 2023.

Professional resume 2023: What’s inside

You should remember that you are writing a resume, not to send it to the hiring manager. You are writing a resume to sell your candidacy the most effective way. You are the candidate, you have competitors and you need to win the game. And there are no other option.

Discover the job position

Let us to overwrite the situation most of the job seekers face daily, trying to get a call from a hiring manager, but nothing happend. There is no call and nobody write you back. It’s because you were in rush and didn’t find a time to discover a situation.

You find the most interesting job ad, submit your resume via application form and waiting till somebody will write you back. It’s a good scenario, but you would have much more chances if you will discover next things:

  1. Who are they looking for?
  2. How useful you could be on vacant position?’
  3. Why now?
  4. Do you have enough data in your resume to attract hiring manager attention?

It’s all about how to win the game! No need to apply your resume to all the submission forms. Quality OVER quantity. Use tailored resume to increase your chances.

Do not risk. Use professional formats, templates and samples

We don’t know why, but some candidates are trying to invent their own resume formats. Why do they do it? We don’t know, and really don’t want to understand it.

There are already written and crafted the most common resume writing attributes:

Resume 2023 format
Resume 2023 template
Resume 2023 examples

Pick yours and get the job today. You don’t need to risk, only because you want to be more creative than others.

Grammar/spelling mistakes are resume killers

You even cant imagine, how important to proofread your resume before it’s going to be send to the hiring manager. It’s not a joke. It’s your lost opportunity to be employed today or tomorrow.

We heard too many times such phrases like: “I’m a professional, it’s not a problem, they will hire me anyway”.

It’s not right. You need to understand one main thing – HR’s are seeking for attentive and professional kandidates. Professionals are people, who are attentive for every detail.